I am the unknown within the known. The painting you will never figure out, The song you thought you understood, but had gotten the lyrics wrong. Let not my loquaciousness fool you, My psyche houses a universe teeming with enigmas, you’ll be appalled. Glance into it once if you can, Its rainbows in the dark... Continue Reading →


The Good Wife

I was groomed well from the very beginning. The society had taught me how to be good as a woman even before I truly had turned into one. The secret, of course, was to be a good wife. One that I had become the moment I entered my new home, the house of my husband.... Continue Reading →

Flawed Family

She loved her daughter, she truly did, but sometimes the young lady behaved so erratically that she almost seemed like a stranger. Under the dim light of the room in the elite, ostentatious hospital, she sat with her shoulders slumped, wondering about the grim expression on her daughter’s face. Any passerby won’t think much of... Continue Reading →


Irony takes the lead in the narrative, The submissive confronts the free bird and triumphs. If you find beauty in the brick walls that suffocate you… Would it be tragically wonderful or wonderfully tragic? I desire to fly, but the ropes of fear have tied me to the pit. Perhaps you define fear for me,... Continue Reading →


The past seems like a magnificent utopia, An alluring bubble, evanescing when touched. The emotion that consumes me, I’m perplexed, but since my heart is clenching, it must be sorrow. Turn me back into a caterpillar, mother. Being a butterfly seems just so wrong. My wings don’t reflect my spirit, And, for the flight, I... Continue Reading →

Her Story

Trapped by choice inside the four walls, I gaze out the window. Ah, such a beautiful night! Grace me with a different life and I will use night to bask in the moonlight. Are these stars God’s gift to me, I wonder. For they are the closest to gems I will ever get. Perhaps he... Continue Reading →

Make Me Dream Again

I’d been in the hollow for so long, Eyes closed, for then the darkness would be a choice, wouldn't it? Agonizing over being the one left behind. She’d been a part of my essence, her loss iterated how truly big a part Her dreams shattered like a mirror, pieces of glass piercing her bruises further,... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, my love. Hello, my friend.

Let us weave the special bond of camaraderie With the beautiful threads of our memories. A preordained future;  you in my life, me in yours? A tittle at the corner of your heart, tiny yet unchanging. For I’ll let you be my favourite star, Smiling in remembrance, I’ll adore you from afar.

Will You?

Will you miss the chance to love, only to have nothing worth missing at all? ‘Cause sometimes it’s enough to endure the ache, but other times you turn weak and fall apart. Will you give up on that one smile To avoid those thousand tears? Spoil your heart with love for them, Then ruin it... Continue Reading →


In the lush forest, a tree. In the vast desert, some sand. She was but a dot in his long line of existence. She urged to be the entire saga, all he gave her were a few pages. She was naïve, or had her heart taken over? His love defined her existence, his existence defined... Continue Reading →

To Let It Go

It is melancholic how hilarious the tricks of heart are, It feels wounded, splintered, wrecked. And one fine day, it just lets it go. The darkness and light alternate in the vaults of heaven, But perpetual night resides at your core. And then one fine day, you just let it go. Remorse dries away like... Continue Reading →

Snippets Of My Mind #4

Topic : JUSTICE “I hope they go to hell”, she said. “Poetic irony in monsters torturing monsters with scorn…” “Oh, I wish they go to heaven”, I claim, “A poetic tragedy, let them see the faces of the kids they slaughtered and mourn…”

Snippets Of My Mind #3

Topic : TRAGEDIES “Why do you not read tragedies?”, he asked. She shrugged, “If I accept them in fiction, I might accept them in reality.” “Oh but they are reality!”, he countered innocently. She smiled, point proved.

Sweet Heartache

There is a sanguine elegance in the inevitability of heartache, A jovial melancholy in me falling without expecting you to catch. My heart feels sturdier, affections seem immaculate, Somehow not tainted by the impending sorrow. Perhaps this was what I’d been waiting for all along, My soul yearned to be taught how to love, and... Continue Reading →


Need you, I don’t. My essence emanates from the sparkle within, I depend no more on the borrowed smidgens of joy. For my soul, not yours, defines me. Every iota of my identity? Mine. Want you, I don’t. For my heart has bled enough, Let me cease the agony, Not that I can’t take anymore,... Continue Reading →

Snippets Of My Mind #2

Topic : RELIGION She doesn't know the Holy words by heart, they said. She doesn't love Father enough, they said. One day she asked them the meaning of the endless prayers they boasted to chant. For once, they were silent.

Snippets Of My Mind #1

Topic : EXPECTATIONS They wanted her to fly, so she flew. Reach the heights beyond, so she did. And when she was free from the shackles of obligations… She walked on earth, a privilege once deprived.

You Are Loved

Defeat doesn’t become you, my love; Your eyes- two bleak orbs of despair, “Your life doesn’t need my wretched essence”, you whisper, And I know you’ve forgotten what our love truly does mean. You feel desolate, shattered and miserable, trembling with the yearning to know your place in the world. And I want to bare... Continue Reading →


Today I'll earn an iota of the greatness destined, Take another step forward, get an inch closer, Today I'll acquire yet another piece of life's puzzle, Reach the next level in the treasure hunt for success. For now, however, I shall sleep. Time has formulated the rules of this game, let me still challenge it.... Continue Reading →


Some fear betrayal, some desolation… I? I fear being replaceable. It is a wild hope, an ardent desire, An irrational need to be the one. Let me be that imperative segment in the puzzle of your life, That special book, in the saga of your existence. Let me be your analogy of love, the tale... Continue Reading →

Little Joys

Why do tears invariably pursue smiles? Why after tremendous joy, heart cries? Does it miss the goodness of older days? Yearn to go back to that time and space? Oh, but it can’t, doesn’t it know? We have to change, we have to grow. Then go out in the world and make it ours. Make... Continue Reading →

Haven Of Monsters, Angels Dare Not

“Happy Birthday little Angel!”,He exclaimed, words losing their splendour when He saw her face. Were these the eyes of His dear one, He wondered, since, of joy, they had no trace. “What is the matter dear one, are you unwell, perhaps tired, Or are you enraged ‘cause of that one angel I fired?? Perchance wondering... Continue Reading →


As I look at you, I wonder; What word should I describe you with? What term would summarize with justice all that you are and all that you have. Are you beautiful? Or are you a plain sight to behold? Should I call you perfect? Or should I acknowledge the abounding imperfections that form the... Continue Reading →

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