Goodbye, my love. Hello, my friend.

Let us weave the special bond of camaraderie With the beautiful threads of our memories. A preordained future;  you in my life, me in yours? A tittle at the corner of your heart, tiny yet unchanging. For I’ll let you be my favourite star, Smiling in remembrance, I’ll adore you from afar.


To Let It Go

It is melancholic how hilarious the tricks of heart are, It feels wounded, splintered, wrecked. And one fine day, it just lets it go. The darkness and light alternate in the vaults of heaven, But perpetual night resides at your core. And then one fine day, you just let it go. Remorse dries away like... Continue Reading →

Sweet Heartache

There is a sanguine elegance in the inevitability of heartache, A jovial melancholy in me falling without expecting you to catch. My heart feels sturdier, affections seem immaculate, Somehow not tainted by the impending sorrow. Perhaps this was what I’d been waiting for all along, My soul yearned to be taught how to love, and... Continue Reading →


Need you, I don’t. My essence emanates from the sparkle within, I depend no more on the borrowed smidgens of joy. For my soul, not yours, defines me. Every iota of my identity? Mine. Want you, I don’t. For my heart has bled enough, Let me cease the agony, Not that I can’t take anymore,... Continue Reading →

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