Make Me Dream Again

I’d been in the hollow for so long, Eyes closed, for then the darkness would be a choice, wouldn't it? Agonizing over being the one left behind. She’d been a part of my essence, her loss iterated how truly big a part Her dreams shattered like a mirror, pieces of glass piercing her bruises further,... Continue Reading →


Little Joys

Why do tears invariably pursue smiles? Why after tremendous joy, heart cries? Does it miss the goodness of older days? Yearn to go back to that time and space? Oh, but it can’t, doesn’t it know? We have to change, we have to grow. Then go out in the world and make it ours. Make... Continue Reading →


As I look at you, I wonder; What word should I describe you with? What term would summarize with justice all that you are and all that you have. Are you beautiful? Or are you a plain sight to behold? Should I call you perfect? Or should I acknowledge the abounding imperfections that form the... Continue Reading →

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