The past seems like a magnificent utopia, An alluring bubble, evanescing when touched. The emotion that consumes me, I’m perplexed, but since my heart is clenching, it must be sorrow. Turn me back into a caterpillar, mother. Being a butterfly seems just so wrong. My wings don’t reflect my spirit, And, for the flight, I... Continue Reading →


Her Story

Trapped by choice inside the four walls, I gaze out the window. Ah, such a beautiful night! Grace me with a different life and I will use night to bask in the moonlight. Are these stars God’s gift to me, I wonder. For they are the closest to gems I will ever get. Perhaps he... Continue Reading →

Make Me Dream Again

I’d been in the hollow for so long, Eyes closed, for then the darkness would be a choice, wouldn't it? Agonizing over being the one left behind. She’d been a part of my essence, her loss iterated how truly big a part Her dreams shattered like a mirror, pieces of glass piercing her bruises further,... Continue Reading →

You Are Loved

Defeat doesn’t become you, my love; Your eyes- two bleak orbs of despair, “Your life doesn’t need my wretched essence”, you whisper, And I know you’ve forgotten what our love truly does mean. You feel desolate, shattered and miserable, trembling with the yearning to know your place in the world. And I want to bare... Continue Reading →

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