Your mind is a haven of dreams;
Little snippets of miracles – Boastful of their magnificence, vain in their abundance.
Does life like your plan, dear dreamer ?
For the years are a bit too few,
the struggles a bit too many.

Your eyes alight with the sparkles of a distant future;
A reflection of the light that doesn’t exist.
Is the world backing you up, dear dreamer?
The fire in your heart will suffice – for now
But this is an open arena and a storm is coming.

Scars of the battlefield will be your jewels of victory;
A new perspective in your eyes – Every breath seems like the last, every gain the first.
Are you a fighter, dear dreamer?
For I see in you the will for a never-ending war,
I see a light that refuses to flicker away.

You will win, for it’s a victory that you fought.
If you turned the future bright with your eyes closed, oh, the things you will do with eyes wide open!
Is fate your friend, dear dreamer?
For it admires rebels and I hear you are their warrior.
Take your sword of passion, move forward and conquer them all.

Conquer them all, dear dreamer.
For hope is your ally – and it wants you to win.

– Roselina Roby


Trapped by choice inside the four walls, I gaze out the window.
Ah, such a beautiful night!
Grace me with a different life and I will use night to bask in the moonlight.
Are these stars God’s gift to me, I wonder.
For they are the closest to gems I will ever get.
Perhaps he doesn’t hate me as much as they say.
Perhaps I’m not tainted as much as they say.

My body still pains from when they kicked me out of God’s home.
The only comfort the sanctuary I made for him.
I sold my soul to the devil when I sold my body, they say. Prayers should suffice for survival, they claim.
Oh! How I wish mother had told me that before she succumbed to starvation.
How I wish I hadn’t been selfish enough to crave life.
Does he really hate me as much as they say?
Am I really tainted as much as they say?

Who is a White Knight? Even craving an ordinary love is painful.
Will I never be loved?
Will I never get to love?
Heart so bruised with a clear body, body so tainted but a heart untouched.
A curse that won’t end with my end for, they say, the gates to paradise are not for me.
Perhaps he does hate me as much as they say.
Perhaps I am tainted as much as they say.

Let it end, please.

-Roselina Roby


I’d been in the hollow for so long,
Eyes closed, for then the darkness would be a choice, wouldn’t it?
Agonizing over being the one left behind.

She’d been a part of my essence, her loss iterated how truly big a part
Her dreams shattered like a mirror, pieces of glass piercing her bruises further,
Throat choked by the claws of despondency,
She let the lake of afterlife soothe it.
“Why can’t I come too?” – I’d begged.
A smile I got in return, nothing more… so much more.
Now the realization didn’t just dawn, it thrust through the wall of ice and broke it down.
Her smile was not quite just the curve of her lips, but an entire saga.

“I may die and yet live in my death, why, though, should you die while living?
I’d dreamt with my entire being. Passion flowing through my veins, not blood.
This dream fell apart, yes, it did. Oh, but, how well I’d dreamt!
I lived an eternity in my short life, and I still live on.
Why, then, should you cease to dream?
Why, then, my dear, should you cease to live?


Even if it crushes you bit by bit, even if your heart bleeds.
For a wounded heart is better than a numb one.
And a brief existence is better than a bland one.
This world is such a beautiful place, make it exquisite with your spirit.
The entire sky is waiting for you, get out of your pit and fly.
Let your heart go wild and make your soul smile,
And when you lose hope, think of me.
For when we reunite in the Garden of Eden, let you be the storyteller amongst us.
Let you be the one with adventures.”

-Roselina Roby


The past seems like a magnificent utopia,
An alluring bubble, evanescing when touched.
The emotion that consumes me, I’m perplexed,
but since my heart is clenching, it must be sorrow.
Turn me back into a caterpillar, mother.
Being a butterfly seems just so wrong.
My wings don’t reflect my spirit,
And, for the flight, I don’t feel so strong.
Turn me back into a caterpillar, mother.
For I want those feelings back,
The buoyant anticipation of a wonderful future,
The excitement to fly, that now seems lost.
I spent a chunk of my eternity, pursuing treasures in the seven seas,
And now I’m missing the land.
I spent so long climbing, trying to reach the unattainable summit
And now it seems so utterly insignificant.
Give me a chance to figure out what went awry,
this is the future I desired, but suddenly don’t want.
Give me a chance to grow up again; a do-over.
I need to somehow weave the life in which I belong.
So turn me into a caterpillar, mother.
For being a butterfly seems just so wrong.
My wings don’t reflect my spirit
And, for the flight, I don’t feel so strong.


Defeat doesn’t become you, my love;
Your eyes- two bleak orbs of despair,
“Your zest doesn’t need my wretched essence”, you whisper,
And I know you’ve forgotten what our love truly does mean.
You feel desolate, shattered and miserable,
trembling with the yearning to know your place in the world.
And I want to bare my soul, show you
how much you matter, how much you are loved.
The myriad pieces of your heart
scattered across the bland shadow of nothingness.
I’ll find every single one of them,
stick them together with my spirit.
My heart is feeling fiery, soul is ablaze,
And I’ll let it burn to illuminate the dark abyss of your thoughts.
Look at yourself with my eyes
And you’ll feel the dejection fade away,
For I see you for all that you are and all that you could be.
Your mind aches with the dreams you can’t help but see.
Let us transform them into actuality together.
You had a stumble on the way,
Let’s get you up and sprint forward together.
For I’m right here, believing in you,
showing you that you are loved.