I’d been in the hollow for so long,
Eyes closed, for then the darkness would be a choice, wouldn’t it?
Agonizing over being the one left behind.

She’d been a part of my essence, her loss iterated how truly big a part
Her dreams shattered like a mirror, pieces of glass piercing her bruises further,
Throat choked by the claws of despondency,
She let the lake of afterlife soothe it.
“Why can’t I come too?” – I’d begged.
A smile I got in return, nothing more… so much more.
Now the realization didn’t just dawn, it thrust through the wall of ice and broke it down.
Her smile was not quite just the curve of her lips, but an entire saga.

“I may die and yet live in my death, why, though, should you die while living?
I’d dreamt with my entire being. Passion flowing through my veins, not blood.
This dream fell apart, yes, it did. Oh, but, how well I’d dreamt!
I lived an eternity in my short life, and I still live on.
Why, then, should you cease to dream?
Why, then, my dear, should you cease to live?


Even if it crushes you bit by bit, even if your heart bleeds.
For a wounded heart is better than a numb one.
And a brief existence is better than a bland one.
This world is such a beautiful place, make it exquisite with your spirit.
The entire sky is waiting for you, get out of your pit and fly.
Let your heart go wild and make your soul smile,
And when you lose hope, think of me.
For when we reunite in the Garden of Eden, let you be the storyteller amongst us.
Let you be the one with adventures.”

-Roselina Roby


Today I’ll earn an iota of the greatness destined,
Take another step forward, get an inch closer,
Today I’ll acquire yet another piece of life’s puzzle,
Reach the next level in the treasure hunt for success.

For now, however, I shall sleep.

Time has formulated the rules of this game, let me still challenge it.
It expects me to concede, it holds the cheat codes after all.
Victory is assured, it feels, oh but honey, there are more ways to win than one.
I will structure my own future, trick the trickster known as fate.
Reach my own customized paradise, fabricate my own space.

For now, however, I shall sleep.

The clarity of my bubble has turned rival to the dew.
The ardent urge to succeed overwhelming,
It stabs at my spirit with a force that cannot be construed,
A sting unbearable, yet somehow cardinal.
I shall, I will, I must win this race.

For now, however, I shall sleep.