Snippets Of My Mind #4

Topic : JUSTICE “I hope they go to hell”, she said. “Poetic irony in monsters torturing monsters with scorn…” “Oh, I wish they go to heaven”, I claim, “A poetic tragedy, let them see the faces of the kids they slaughtered and mourn…”


Snippets Of My Mind #3

Topic : TRAGEDIES “Why do you not read tragedies?”, he asked. She shrugged, “If I accept them in fiction, I might accept them in reality.” “Oh but they are reality!”, he countered innocently. She smiled, point proved.

Snippets Of My Mind #2

Topic : RELIGION She doesn't know the Holy words by heart, they said. She doesn't love Father enough, they said. One day she asked them the meaning of the endless prayers they boasted to chant. For once, they were silent.

Snippets Of My Mind #1

Topic : EXPECTATIONS They wanted her to fly, so she flew. Reach the heights beyond, so she did. And when she was free from the shackles of obligations… She walked on earth, a privilege once deprived.

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