In the lush forest, a tree.
In the vast desert, some sand.
She was but a dot in his long line of existence.
She urged to be the entire saga, all he gave her were a few pages.
She was naïve, or had her heart taken over?
His love defined her existence, his existence defined her love.
Her delusions gave her tranquility, the alternate-universe had become her home.
Her imagination had created a rose garden, truth acidic upon it.
Was reality already twisted? Or could her heart be blamed for twisting them?
She never dared to ask herself, perhaps she never will.


9 thoughts on “Illusions

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  1. Very telling, honest. However fulfilled we may feel ourselves to be, there is always something missing, an unsatisfied part of us. The illusion here to me is denial of our greater reality. I think we all compromise to obtain a sense of security.

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    1. Yes, I agree, the greatest illusion we have is the misconception that our worth is defined by how much we are valued by the people we value. And while it is important, it is not, as you rightly mentioned, our greater reality. 🙂


  2. Can I go a bit further here? In our current physical world, our reality is defined by the environment and we have limited control of our own reality. However, in the Afterlife, each persons controls their own reality via their thoughts. In other words, the Afterlife is a thought world. This Afterlife is also known as Summerland, but also as Illusion Land. There, you will see what you expect to see. This can be a trap. However, over yonder, like attracts like. Over yonder, there’s far more ‘room’ for manoeuvre, ie spiritually evolve. Here, people can be obstructions, but that depends on one’s perception of them.

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    1. Wow, you truly know a lot in this regard. While I had never actually known about the Summerland, I did have an abstract idea as to how afterlife could be and it does resemble the description that you’ve put forth.


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