Snippets Of My Mind #4


“I hope they go to hell”, she said.
“Poetic irony in monsters torturing monsters with scorn…”
“Oh, I wish they go to heaven”, I claim,
“A poetic tragedy, let them see the faces of the kids they slaughtered and mourn…”


2 thoughts on “Snippets Of My Mind #4

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  1. Another good point. I have been glad to see in recent times a shift in the need for retribution in many televised reported acts of violence. When one can understand the true nature of forgiveness, that it is for the victim and not the assailant, it becomes easier to accept. And that the forgiveness does not mean justice will not be served. As a society we do what we must to keep order. My heart breaks for the world.

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    1. Yes, forgiveness is essential. However, it is gut-wrenching how people are capable of committing unforgivable crimes. The inspiration for these lines was the Peshawar incident in Pakistan. So many children slaughtered mercilessly, the image gives me goosebumps. This world, at times, can truly be a heartbreaking place to live in.


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