Snippets Of My Mind #3


“Why do you not read tragedies?”, he asked.
She shrugged, “If I accept them in fiction, I might accept them in reality.”
“Oh but they are reality!”, he countered innocently.
She smiled, point proved.


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  1. I find it sad that so many people seem almost addicted to reading about other people’s tragedies and then dwelling on them. While I feel it is cathartic to express sorrow and find empathy, I conversely find it appalling to use these things as a means of entertainment. I think it keeps people in a state of agitation and, as you said, no hope in sight.

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    1. That is exactly how I feel! In a world that so desperately needs to learn the value of hope, somehow tragedies are being commercialised which in itself is the biggest tragedy of all. These people are considered realists, and the ones who dare to be optimistic are blamed to be delusional.

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  2. Yes. And tooany have become complacent with flying a flag or hanging a ribbon as a representation of their support rather than finding real answers and solutions. Or even realizing there doesn’t have to be “war on” every thing that is a part of life. I personally feel a societal tend back to a new kind of Barbarism where optimists are deemed idealist and cynicism is reason. I submitted my novel to one publisher said that it was reminiscent of Tolkein but that there are no longer enough audiences fir this type of read. Perhaps I should just go straight to a screenplay eh? What a world.

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    1. Your thoughts truly are inspiring. I truly believe it’s a vicious circle. You see, the world there are many who, inadvertently or not, pay more heed to the darkness rather than thinking of the light. Little do they realise that darkness is simply the absence of light. People, unfortunately, are not always able to fathom the power of positive feelings such as hope, faith and love.

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  3. Yes, exactly. In trying to understand my own struggle between darkness and Light and the nature of God/existence, I came to understand that one cannot exist without the other; and from my point of understanding, this dynamic is within each of us. There are not “good” or “bad” people. The answer for me became one of learning to accept that darkness exists within myself and to embrace it, filling its emptiness with Light rather than thinking it must, or even could be, destroyed. We must love all of who we are. There is a mistaken idea that darkness must be loathed. Our focus should be on spreading light, hope, understanding, compassion. Time in loathing is wasted energy as far as I am concerned.

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    1. Yes, exactly. This reminds me of a wonderful quote that had struck a chord- She knew not every angel showed its wings, nor every devil its horns, as she, was a little of both. I honestly believe that there is no black or white when it comes to people, they’re all just different shades of gray.

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