I am the unknown within the known.
The painting you will never figure out,
The song you thought you understood, but had gotten the lyrics wrong.
Let not my loquaciousness fool you,
My psyche houses a universe teeming with enigmas, you’ll be appalled.
Glance into it once if you can,
Its rainbows in the dark and unicorns ruling hell, you’ll be startled.
Perhaps you can’t see the woe behind the twinkle of my eye,
For the happiness reflected is still ironically sincere.
You might not see the shades of loneliness beneath the smile,
For the evident contentment is strangely not a charade.
I stopped scrutinizing my spirit long time ago, shouldn’t you too?
Don’t try to untangle my soul, for the knots make me stronger.
Don’t look for solutions, you won’t ever find one.
For I was never meant to be a mystery.


Published by

Roselina Roby

Daughter. Friend. Law student. Writer. Dreamer.

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